And since becoming a mom in March of 2015, I've been searching for other no-bullshit kinda moms. The kind of moms who have messy houses and who sometimes don't feed their kids organic food grown in their community gardens (I fall in the "never" category of this, btw.) I've been searching for women who don't have all the answers, and don't pretend to. I've been on a mission to build a tribe of women who are okay with being vulnerable and unfiltered in this age of social media "perfection."

My why  

My journey to start shedding light on the real life side of motherhood and balking the Pinterest ideal started when I was pregnant with my first son. Pre-pregnancy, I had a private Pinterest board full of organic diet tips, workouts divided by trimester, and inspiration for weekly chalkboard pictures (you know the ones.) 

Then, I actually got pregnant and vomited every single day for seven months. McDonald's was my lifeline and I don't think I took one weekly picture to track the progress of my growing belly. 

Yet, I Pinned on. I saved blogs and articles and pictures that portrayed the best, fluffiest version of motherhood. Even in my real life, the most unfiltered piece of advice I got was "sleep now!" *giggle giggle*

Then, I actually had a baby. He was colicky and I was nervous and unsure of everything. I fell into a postpartum depression that even I, a mental health professional, failed to identify. Instead, I felt a deep sense of shame and embarrassment and failure for not experiencing what I thought to be the "normal" transition into motherhood. 

It wasn't until after I hit my own rock bottom that I reached out and started talking to other moms about what I was experiencing. In private one on one conversations or in Facebook messages, these women so bravely said "me too" and it changed everything.

From that point on, it was crystal clear that my mission was to now scream ME TOO from the rooftops in hopes that no mom ever feels alone or ashamed of her journey.  

My philosophy 

Motherhood is nothing without a sisterhood. We've got to be in this together, and we've got to be real with ourselves and each other! I'm here to build a place where we laugh together, suspend judgement, and show you how to continue to build your identity outside of "mommy." 

Other things you might want to know

  • In 2010, I earned a bachelor's degree in psychology 
  • In 2013, I earned a Master's degree is in mental health counseling 
  • I own and author a successful "mom blog," The Lunchbox Diaries
  • I had five pieces of writing published on Scary Mommy before my son's first birthday 
  • I've created and facilitated an online coaching program for a Virginia university's MBA program. 
  • I grew a human, quit my day job, started Colleen Nichols Coaching + Consulting, and am currently growing another human
  • I have a sense of humor, and I use it often. I get along with most people, unless of course, your panties are easily wadded