I work with moms of all kinds to help them rediscover their identities, passions and goals outside of “Mommy.” Let’s stop pressing pause on who we are and what we want as women, simply because we’re raising tiny humans. You can live your ideal life now, and there are several ways I can help you do it.

1:1 Coaching

Private, 1:1 coaching is where we work together to figure out what it is you want out of life and how to get out of your own way in order to get it. If you’re wanting to make a career change, figure out how to hell to make self-care work for you, start dating your husband again, rediscover or redefine who are now (because, motherhood changes things) or simply be a better version of yourself? Let’s work together.


I was at a career low of sorts and questioning whether I wanted to stay in my job, move on to a new job, or do a mix of things. I was also hugely struggling with feeling that I could not have a work/life balance. From our first session, I was hooked. Colleen gave me so many great suggestions to consider and I left every session feeling jazzed about my possibilities and options. She helped me take a professional leap I had been scared to do and was a sounding board throughout our time working together. She basically told me all the things I needed to hear but was scared to — and then helped me through it! As a result of working together I was able to create a better work situation and determine boundaries to establish a sense of balance. Working with Colleen was absolutely the best decision I could have made! — Lauren Rooney, coaching client

Speaking Engagements + Workshops

Do you have a group who needs to be trained or coached on a certain topic? I’ve worked with organizations both large and small as a trainer on a variety of topics. If you have an idea regarding a custom topic, or would like access to my list of pre-developed trainings, I’d love to chat with you and learn more about your group!


Colleen was invited to speak at the Hanover Regional Governor’s School for Career and Technical Advancement (HRGS-CTA) held at the University of Richmond. She discussed time and task management with the 38 high school students that were in attendance. Colleen had no idea what she was in for, but the students jumped into working with her on looking at their inner self and how to discover a path to their passion. Colleen provided them with additional tools for their developing professional toolboxes – already in progress. The student engagement and focus was evident, and their questions relevant. The students discovered there is no greater investment than themselves. Thank you from all the attendees and staff at the HRGS-CTA – we all have new skills to put forth our best selves. – HRGS-CTA Students and Staff

Coming Soon: Online Group Coaching for Moms

In February 2017, I will be launching Unfiltered Motherhood, a group coaching program for moms (and I AM SO EXCITED!) This 6-week program will include everything from weekly video meetings, coaching, practical tools and exercises, and the development of your very own mom tribe. There will be so much goodness and awesomeness packed into this experience, that I promise you won’t want to miss out. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss a morsel of information regarding this program!